Don’t Chase Women, Replace Women

Don’t Chase Women, Replace Women

I will never, ever chase another woman again in my Life, never.  You know why, because in all of my international travels I have come to learn that there are millions of women around the world that want to be with me.  And when I say millions of women around the world wanting to meet me, I am not exaggerating. 

 Just take a look at a country like China for example with a population of 1 billion people and half of them are women.  So if only 1 percent of half a billion Chinese ladies wanted to meet me and have sex with me that would come out to 5 million Chinese women that want to have sex with me!   Let me just state that 5 million women is a lot of pussy and that is pussy from just one country.  Knowing this fact, like I said before, I will never chase another woman in my life again, NEVER!  

It is important to state that the more I travel internationally and meet and fuck a wide variety of friendly and very feminine foreign women the more I lose interest in arrogant, stuck-up American women.  In addition, I have decided that I will no longer be “Mr. Nice Guy” with American women and that simply there is no use in trying to pursue American women anymore.  I mean why should I pursue an arrogant selfish American woman when I can instead pursue a friendly and very personable foreign woman, makes sense to me.

 There is no doubt in my mind that foreign women like Filipina women are overall better dating partners than American women and as a result Filipina women are my women of choice. 

I have also come to realize that by simply visiting a foreign country like the Philippines I get women chasing me and competing for my attention unlike in America where guys are always chasing women and fighting to compete for the American woman’s attention.  I can only imagine the amount of pussy I would be fucking everyday if I lived in the Philippines on a fulltime basis.  

 Like I said before, forget arrogant, stuck-up American women, they can all go to Hell, Hell, Hell!  Me, I’m going to the holy land and the holy land for me is the Philippines where the pussy flows like water.                   

-the Hoochie Coochie Man

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